The Cream of The Crop - Longest Perfect dotCom

Everyone knows when it comes to domains, you can't get any better than a dot-com. It's the cream of the crop. Rises to the top. But which dot-com is above the rest? There can only be one. Lets find out.

Take a deep breathe..

Exhale slowly..

Welcome to #1. You have just experianced the longest, most perfect dot-com domain name in the universe. It completes a full 63 characters, and reads exactly the same front to back and back to front. The first and only maximum dot-com palindrome domain ever created!

Don't moc the Moccom

It might sound corny, almost like a rare bird-call. Moccom! Moccom! Understandable. But this is no laughing matter. A domain like this only comes around once. Ever. Until the next one. Until then, I bid you farewell.

Too Many Letters? Take a Number!

What happens when we get sick of letters? Why, we move on to numbers, of course! So get in line, take a number, and check this out:

So long!